Behind the Blog

This blog is to inspire and support children and families enduring the challenges of Type 1 Diabetes.  Blogged by Sarah Wilson, a caffeine-fueled, sleep-deprived, homeschooling mom of four beautiful kids who is also a member of Tyler Type One Diabetes Foundation in Tyler, TX—a local support group established to reach out to newly diagnosed children and families with practical help, education and friendship.

Her youngest, Faith, was diagnosed with Type 1 at 9 months of age.  Today, Faith also has a Diabetes Alert Dog specially trained to smell blood sugar levels out of target range and alert her parents in order to head off dangerous lows and highs.  Ruby, or “Wuby” as Faith calls her dog, has saved Faith’s life on many occasions.

Sarah is passionate about giving and receiving support from other Type 1 families also in the trenches.  We’re all in this together.  God has given us the gift of one another.

Because, every ONE needs support!

Follow Sarah on:  Personal blog at: We Gotta Have Faith

Facebook: Where’s Wuby

Twitter: Type One Mom


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