At different times throughout my life I’ve kept a prayer journal.  I love to do this for many reasons.  The writer in me loves to pour my heart out that way, and the doubting Thomas in me needs to go back and see in black and white how God has been faithful to answer my prayers.  I read back through things that I was praying so hard about a year ago and often I don’t even remember those burdens.  I can see that God saw us through that time and it helps me keep perspective in whatever I’m going through currently.

I think this is one of the reasons why Faith’s 1st Diaversary (one year anniversary of Faith’s Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis) hit me so hard.  It hurts to realize that the things you were praying so hard for a year ago are still what you are battling and praying for today.  This doesn’t mean that I can’t see that God has carried us through the last year – He absolutely has – but, it is still a sobering reminder that this diabetes thing isn’t going away any time soon.

My friend, Amy, asked me the other day for ideas on how to celebrate her son making it through his first year with diabetes, and I had no suggestions for her.  I cried for two solid days when we reached the 1 year mark with Faith, so I am not the person to ask for ideas on how to celebrate life on your diaversaries.  I am not there yet.  I am not at a place where I feel like celebrating diabetes.  I’m not saying that I don’t think we should celebrate living another year in spite of diabetes, just that I personally wasn’t feeling very celebratory on our 1 year anniversary of Faith being diagnosed.  Maybe that had something to do with the fact that it came before her 2nd birthday.

Recently, my family and I went to see one of Amy’s sons, Justin, play in his Little League State Championship tournament.  We met his family at our Tyler Type One support group, and have grown to love this family over the last few months.  Justin has a special affinity for Faith, and she feels the same way.  You should hear these two talk on the phone!  Too cute.

Justin even had a shirt with his number made for Faith to wear to his game. 🙂

Justin plays 1st base and he’s awesome!  You surely couldn’t spot diabetes anywhere on the field when he was playing!   He definitely doesn’t let it hold him back!

Justin’s team went on to place 3rd in State, and they go on to play in the Dixie Youth Nationals tournament next week!

Guess what else happens next week?

Justin’s 1 year Diaversary!

Is there a cooler way to celebrate LIVING in spite of diabetes than playing in the World Series??

We are SO proud of you, Justin!

Amy, thank you for equipping Justin to LIVE!  You are both such an inspiration to all of us!

What about you?  Do you acknowledge your Diaversary?  Do you celebrate each year?  If so, share your ideas with us!

Because, Every ONE Needs Support!