Mishaps Happen

How’s that for a title?

I heard recently from another mom who was so disappointed in herself for running out of diabetic supplies for her child.  She was able to run to the store at the last minute, and pick up what she needed – averting the crisis – but of course she still felt bad about it.  I can so identify with her guilt over such things, but it wasn’t long before several of us jumped in there with our horror stories and reassured her that we’ve all been there.

I think my all time worst goof up was the time my oldest son was in a competition in Dallas.  We were staying in one hotel, and the competition was in another.  We get checked in to our hotel, freshen up, and then drive (through Dallas traffic) to the competition.  As valet is getting in my vehicle to pull away, I realize that Ruby is alerting and I can’t find Faith’s bag.  I ran to the valet, searched through the car, and quickly realized that I have ZERO diabetes supplies with me.  (We weren’t in my personal car or at least I’d have had backups)  I have no meter, no sugar, no glucagon – and a child that can’t tell me if she’s feeling low.  I leave my son with his team, load Faith and Ruby back up in the car and drive back through Dallas traffic, crying like a baby and terrified that I was going to get caught in gridlock.  By the time I got to her bag and checked her blood sugar, she was in the low 50’s.  I gave her a juice and headed back to the competition, getting there just in time to totally miss JC’s competition.  I sat outside the room feeding Faith’s low and feeling like the worst mom EVER.

If that’s not enough to make you feel better about the job you’re doing, I could go on and tell you about the time that we totally lost Faith’s insulin…back when she was on specially diluted insulin and MDI.  We ended up finding it in the front yard – AFTER Chuck stepped on it.

Or the time I changed a bad site at 2am, but forgot to fill the canulla.  I didn’t realize it until hours later – causing a high bg, small ketone, but easily fixable issue to turn into a HIGHER bg, LARGE ketone, miserable baby, sleepless night issue.

I really could go on, but a girl can only embarrass herself so much in one post, right?

I’m throwing myself under the bus here in hopes that you’ll cut yourself some slack.  Allow others to see that you’re not perfect.  Maybe they’re beating themselves up and it would do them some good to see that we ALL make mistakes.

There’s just so much to remember when you’re managing diabetes, we’re bound to mess up occasionally.


Tell me y’all have done this too.

Because every ONE needs support.