Tomorrow is a Big Day

For families living with type 1 diabetes there are so many decisions to make.  Some we are called to make in the moment and on the fly, and some require much more contemplation.

Deciding whether or not to receive your insulin through an insulin pump rather than multiple daily injections is one of the biggies.  But, go or no-go on the pump is only the beginning.  Then there’s deciding which pump, among several great options, that you believe will work best for you or your child.  There’s no easy answer for this.  A quick internet search on the subject will yield so many ideas and discussion about which pump (and why) that it becomes very clear that this is a personal decision.

It’s no wonder it can cause so much anxiety. You’re only deciding which medical device you’d like to be connected to  24/7 for the next few years.  No pressure, right?

A few weeks back I told you about one of our Tyler Type One families that were approaching their 1st Diaversary.  Well, tomorrow Justin and his family will reach another milestone on their diabetes journey.  Justin is going to his first pump training class!  I recently caught up with Justin and his mom, Amy, and got their thoughts on the big day.

Justin, congrats on making it to the World Series with your baseball team.  We are all so proud of you!  I heard that at one of your tournaments you saw another player and noticed he was wearing a pump. Did this help you decide to pump?  Did it help to know that you can play baseball and not have a pump hold you back?

Seeing the other kid play baseball and have a pump on was very exciting! We even talked to his parents. Now, I know that with a pump I can still play baseball.  I thought having a pump would not let me play. I love baseball so it will make it that much better. Seeing him with the pump did not help me make my decision. I knew I wanted the pump.  I want the pump because now I will not have to get so many shots a day. At school and when friends come over I can eat my meals with my friends. I will not have to wait for a shot anymore!

I think having a pump at school will just be easier. I picked the Omnipod because it doesn’t have any tubes. I can hide it with mu shirt sleeve. No tubes for the other kids to see and pull on. I can wear it on my arm, stomach, back or leg. But mostly I liked the PDM becasue it looks like a cell phone!

Tomorrow’s a big day with your pump training.  Are you nervous?  Excited?

I can not wait to see how it all works. One thing I don’t like about the pod is the beep beep sound it makes when you put on a new one.  The sound scares me a little.  I am so excited about tomorrow, I don’t want to go to sleep. I am nervous because this is new. Sometimes new things scare me.

I can understand, new things can scare anybody.  But, I know you’re brave and it’s going to be great!  


Amy, I know and love your family, but for those that haven’t gotten to meet you yet please tell us how old Justin is and when he was diagnosed.

Justin is 8 years old and was diagnosed July 29, 2010 at the age of 7.

Diabetes can be hard on a marriage for many reasons. There are so many stressors and important decisions to make.  My husband Chuck and I disagreed quite a bit about whether or not to put our daughter on the pump, but once we decided to move forward there was no question for us which pump we would go with.  Was it difficult for you and your husband to make this decision?

Mike and I did not disagree too much on the subject until we went to the “Pump It Up” class.  Justin was scared so that’s when we started to disagree.  I told Mike and Justin that I made the decision to get the pump and it was final.  I didn’t think an 8 year old should be making such a big decision. Justin would adjust like he did when he was diagnosed. (I think it’s natural to be afraid at first, but knew it was the best decision.) After that everyone was on board.

Justin mentioned you chose the Omnipod.  Why?

We picked the Omnipod due to its size and no tube. Having the tube felt like we were restricting him. Meaning he always needed to wear clothing with pockets to put the pump in. We did not want to do that. We feel the Omnipod gives him more freedom to rotate all the sites.

Tomorrow’s the big pump start day.  What are your apprehensions about Justin going on an insulin pump?  Are you excited?

I am very nervous. I am not sure what to think. I am afraid I will forget everything and fail! I am afraid I will give him too much insulin or not enough.  I am afraid I am going to mess up. However, saying all this I have to put on a show for Justin.  Show him I am not afraid. I am afraid if he senses this it will upset him and he will change his mind.   So, as his mom I have to put all my fears aside, focus on him and hope and pray I get it right. I am his mom and this is what I have to do. I have to take charge just as I did when he was diagnosed. I can not let my fears show.  I feel if my fears show and he sees me being “weak” it will scare/upset him even more.

I will take charge and do what I have to for him.

He is my son and I will do what ever it takes to see him live a long, happy and healthy life.

I love you Justin and everything I do is for you.

I don’t think anyone can argue with that.

Justin and Amy, thank you for taking the time to share this part of your journey with us.

Good luck tomorrow and know that we are all here rooting for you!

Because, Every ONE Needs Support!